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Detroit Tigers Links: More Miguel Cabrera MVP Love & Jhonny Peralta's Future In Detroit

Miguel Cabrera is still very good at baseball, Jhonny Peralta might not be in Detroit in 2013, and one blogger wonders if Detroit is still a good baseball town. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.


Where Does Cabrera's Season Rank in Tigers History?
Tiger Tales, Lee Panas

"What I find most interesting about these compilations is Cabrera's three-year run of 191 Batting Runs which is surpassed only by Cobb's 211 in 1910-1912."

AL MVP Debate: We Did This Two Years Ago
FanGraphs Baseball, Dave Cameron
Once again, we see how remarkably consistent (and amazing) Cabrera has been. And as for the projection of the Tigers' playoff chances, keep in mind that this was written on Friday.

Gardenhire on Cabrera: "He should be the MVP"
Beck's Blog

"I’m just tipping my hat to Cabrera. He’s the best player in this league. He should be the MVP. If we were to stop right now, there’s no doubt in my mind."

Win Probability Added: The Case for Trout as MVP
Eye On the Tigers, Jeff Roberts
I'm not discounting Trout's chances at the MVP, but declaring that he deserves it based on one stat is short-sighted.

Is Detroit Still a Great Baseball Town?
The Daily Fungo, Mike McClary
My opinion: the passion is there (and is a good thing), but misguided now that the team has enjoyed some success over the past half decade.

If Not Jhonny Peralta In 2013, Then Who?
Motor City Bengals, John Verburg
TL/DR: Either pray for Elvis Andrus or accept the fact that Peralta will be back next year.

Let’s just see if this helps.
Roar of the Tigers, Samara Pearlstein
Seems like it worked.

Around the AL Central:

Angels 4, White Sox 1: The Sadness Squad heads home
South Side Sox, Jim Margalus

"Gavin Floyd pitched beautifully through five before hitting a wall in the sixth, but it's hard to blame him -- or any pitcher during this stretch. There's simply no room for error."

Why Isn't Anyone Other Than President Obama Talking About The White Sox?
Baseball Nation
It's not surprising that the focus is on the "underachieving" Tigers, but it's more appropriate to say that the White Sox have overachieved this season.

Game 153: Indians 15, Royals 4
Let's Go Tribe

"But something odd happened on the way to the Tribe's 91st loss of the season. They started to hit. And hit. And hit."

Royals Lose 15 - 4 in Odorizzi's Debut, Eliminated From Playoffs
Royals Review
Oh great, now the Royals can go into full-blown spoiler mode now that they're out of the playoffs.

Elsewhere in Baseball:

Chipper Jones doesn’t think highly of baseball’s new one-game playoff
Big League Stew, Mark Townsend
Jones speaking his mind at this point in his career is the baseball equivalent of your 87-year-old grandpa telling you exactly what he thinks about the youth of America.

Roger Clemens won’t rule out comeback in 2013
HardballTalk, Drew Silva
Presented without comment... because you no doubt have your own.

Oakland A's defend frolic New York Yankees' Eric Chavez calls 'high schoolish'
ESPN New York, Mike Mazzeo
I'd probably complain about trivial stuff too if my team's division lead had collapsed quicker than you can say "A-Rod is a choke."