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Bless You Boys reboots in new visual form

Bless You Boys might look a bit different to you at first, but we're excited for all the new possibilities it allows us as site managers and editors. Check out this link for a video and FAQ.

Leon Halip - Getty Images

By now you've noticed a thing or two might look a bit different around your favorite Detroit Tigers news source.

Actually, you might notice that things look different at all your favorite SB Nation blogs and hubs.

Welcome to Bless You Boys 3.0 and SB Nation United.

Well, I think it's Bless You Boys 3.0. That's not an official thing. Just the way I'm thinking of it. At some point, the site was born. At some point under the benevolent reign of Ian Casselberry, BYB 2.0 occurred. Today, we see our third update. It is, of course, a doozy.

You no doubt wonder why the change happened, and what it might mean for you.

Here are the key points to remember:

-- Nothing will change about the Bless You Boys community. However, we will have exciting new ways to organize and present news for you. No longer will we fear that a great story we are proud of will be bumped too far down to be read. No longer will we need to bump a story to the top of the page with a short "Updated!" note. No longer will we worry how to present our spring training or Opening Day set of articles. The new version of Bless You Boys was designed to give the site managers more control. I cannot wait for the first major news event to happen -- say, clinching a playoff spot would be nice -- so I can really test things out.

-- The mobile and tablet versions of the site will run fast and beautifully. I've always enjoyed playing around with BYB 3.0 on my iPad. It is glorious. You don't have to worry about downloading apps because the sites were designed from the ground up to look beautiful. They truly do.

-- FanShots and FanPosts will be just as important as ever. You'll note that FanPosts are a bit higher on the left side of your page, and FanShots are on the right side. Keep using them like normal, and we'll continue to promote your best work to the front page where everyone can find it. Gamethreads will always be placed where you can easily find them near the top of the site, and they'll continue to be archived for you to read the archives if you missed the fun. Community is every bit as important today as it ever was.

Of course, I hope you also realize that as exciting as this is for us, there might be a few hiccups along the way. We've tried to anticipate issues that might come up, and we've tried to organize the site so that you'll quickly note that you can find your favorite features in the same places each day. But we're not perfect or omniscient. We're going to make a few mistakes, I'm certain.

So please be patient, and I think you'll find in time that you're as excited for the future of Bless You Boys as we are.

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