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News column: Cabrera, Verlander are having incredible run

The Tigers might be in the thick of a Central Division title hunt that everyone expected to go better, but don't forget to enjoy just how good Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are. They might be the best duo of players to wear the Old English D at the same time ever.

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Leon Halip - Getty Images

Yeah, you're not pleased about the team being a game out of first place rather than 10 games up. You're certainly not alone in that.

But outside the wins column, Tigers fans may never had had it better. Justin Verlander is having yet another Cy Young Award worthy season. (He might not get it, but his season is worthy.) Miguel Cabrera is going for the first batting Triple Crown since 1967. You could make an argument -- using advanced stats and, gulp, WAR -- that since 2009 there hasn't been a better, more-consistent pitcher than Verlander, nor has there been a better, more-consistent batter than Cabrera.

It's hard to find another era in Detroit sports with such great players on the team at the same time. The 1960s? There were some great players, but they weren't great at the same time? The 1930-40s? That was one heck of a group, but the game was completely different than, and few who were alive then to witness it are around to tell the stories now.

Regardless of whether Cabrera and Verlander actually are the best duo -- and it's a fun debate to decide just what pitcher and hitter might be -- everyone has to agree: they're both among the best Tigers in history.

So, yeah, you get frustrated and maybe want to turn the TV off. But don't forget to enjoy the kinds of players Detroit has. Who knows when in the future fans might be so lucky again.

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