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Doug Fister sets American League, Tigers franchise record for consecutive strikeouts

Tigers starter Doug Fister struck out nine consecutive batters against the Kansas City Royals on Thursday, setting both an American League and a Detroit Tigers franchise record in the process. He fell one short of the MLB record of 10, held by Tom Seaver.

Royals catcher Salvador Perez ended the streak, grounding out to short.

Perez was also the first of the nine to strike out, making the final out of the fourth inning in the process. The streak lasted from the fourth to the seven innings.

Fister struck out Alex Gordon to set the Tigers' franchise record at eight. He sent Billy Butler back to the dugout to set the AL record.

Prior to Fister, Denny McLain and John Hiller held the Tigers' record with seven consecutive strikeouts.

Fister allowed just one hit through seven innings, retiring 16 consecutive batters in the process.

Mike Moustakas ended that streak with a double in the eighth inning.

The Tigers lead 4-1 in their final regular-season home game of 2012.