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Bless You Boys Podcast 58: War on WAR

In a special episode of the BYB Podcast, former managing editor Ian Casselberry returns to talk Detroit Tigers.

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On a special episode of the Bless You Boys Podcast, former managing editor of BYB and current lead MLB blogger for Bleacher Report, Ian Casselberry, takes over for Kurt and Allison. Ian takes a break from covering all things MLB to focus in on his favorite team, the Detroit Tigers.

You can find Ian's thoughts on baseball at Bleacher Report's MLB blog, Horsehide Chronicles, and on Twitter at @IanCass.

BYB Podcast 58 runs 1:24 and features Ian Casselberry and Al Beaton.


  • We have a pennant race...even if the White Sox are fading in a big, big way.
  • Did we write the Tigers off too soon? Of course we did.
  • Max Scherzer's deltoid injury has put the remainder of his season in question.
  • Anibal Sanchez has proved the old baseball platitude true: You can never have enough pitching.
  • To think the Tigers could have had Ubaldo Jimenez instead of Doug Fister...
  • Right field is a train wreck.
  • Triple Crown and MVP talk ensues, including our listener email. Ian is in the Wonderboy camp, by the way.
  • Is Miguel Cabrera pressing?
  • Sabermetics vs. traditional stats from Ian's national perspective.
  • The MVP is a full season award, should Mike Trout's missing April and slow finish be taken into account?
  • Should Cabrera's moving to 3rd base voluntarily be taken into account, considering the move to a tougher position arguably made him more valuable to his team?
  • In the week in media head/desk, we shockingly learn Hawk Harrelson is the most biased announcer in baseball.
  • Manny Acta gets a raw deal in getting fired by the Indians, while their low-rent ownership make an Alan Trammell circa 2002 out of Sandy Alomar Jr.
  • The lightning round includes Chris Perez, dancing on the grave of the Metrodome and revoking man-cards.
  • Final thoughts implore you to don't be that guy.

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