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Leyland: Max Scherzer is "50/50" for his next start

Jim Leyland updated the media today on Max Scherzer's status for his next (and final) scheduled start of the season, the last game of the regular season on Wednesday in Kansas City. At first, Leyland tried to play off the question, but offered this response when pressed.

"It'll either be Scherzer or Smyly on Wednesday," Leyland said. "I don't really have an answer for you right now. If I had to handicap it, I'd say maybe 50-50 (for Scherzer) for Wednesday. But I'm not counting on it."

I wouldn't read too much into these comments yet. A lot can change in five days, especially with a minor injury like this. Scherzer could very easily wake up tomorrow with no symptoms and begin prepping for his next appearance.

Leyland also said that Scherzer would not pitch if the game had no impact on the Tigers' playoff chances. If the Tigers clinch the division* before Wednesday, Smyly will start.

*I'm refusing to acknowledge the other possibility at this point, but it's out there.

Leyland was also adamant that Rick Porcello will make his scheduled start on Monday against the Royals. Porcello hasn't earned a win since August 7th and has lost six straight decisions.