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Bless You Boys Podcast 55: We're internet baseball experts

This week, the Bless You Boys Podcast covers the gamut, from Jim Leyland's future with the team to hating on Chris Perez...even if he makes an excellent point, praising the Tigers in the process. We also declare Detroit Tigers fans won't be happy unless this team plays 1.000 baseball. Because playing at a .600 clip just isn't good enough.

BYB Podcast 55 has a running time of 1:07 and features Kurt Mensching, Allison Hagen and Al Beaton.


  • Tigers sweep the White Sox, but lose 2 of 3 to the Indians, are 1 game back of the Sox as they leave on a 10 game road trip.
  • The Tigers can't win the division on this coming road trip...but a disastrous one could lose it.
  • No one wants Delmon Young to sit. 6 weeks ago the fans wanted him DFAed. Make up your minds!
  • Jim Leyland thinks we spend too much time analyzing his lineups.
  • Fans apparently want fire and brimstone from their manager. Leyland calls that sort of act phony, cosmetic and "eye wash."
  • Lynn Henning believes this could be Leyland's last season. Not because Leyland will be fired, but due to his being a 68 year old man with nothing to prove who is tired of the BS. Henning might be on to something...
  • Kurt's column: Pitching should push Tigers to Central title.
  • Why can't Tigers fans have nice things? The team is playing .600 ball in the 2nd half, yet fans are still upset.
  • Max Scherzer won't win the Cy Young, but he will get votes as he pursues 20 wins.
  • Miguel Cabrera has a legit shot at the Triple Crown, yet is still considered to be runner up to a slumping Mike Trout in the AL MVP race.
  • Rosters expand, the usual suspects get the call. The only real surprise was the trade of Jeff Baker and making Avisail Garcia playoff eligible.
  • Garcia will play for the Tigers in 2013. The question is, will be it on opening day or later in the season?
  • This week in media idiocy was going to feature Mitch Albom's latest Tigers piece, but it was incomprehensible, so we just moved on to more important subjects.
  • Indians' closer Chris Perez rips ownership for being cheap and the front office for not making trades, considers the Tigers Gallant to the Tribe's Goofus.
  • The Nationals will shut down Stephen Strasburg for the season next week, use Rick Porcello’s 2009 season as part of their case study.
  • Seems the only people defending the Nationals benching of Strasburg are their fans and Washington DC media, as the rest of baseball ridicules them..
  • The return of the lightning round features Delmon-staches, Hannibal Lecter and a Rogo shout-out.

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