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The Further Fun-ventures of Good and Horrible

A pennant race can cause consternation and raw nerves but it seems that our beloved community here at Bless You Boys is returning to its normal, CRAM IT HAWK-ing selves.

Still, I have MS Paint and a few helpful hints about posting and treating others on the internet with a modicum of respect and fun!


GOOD: Understands that the feelings of frustration and aggravation Good feels from watching the Tigers line up squander scoring opportunities and solid outings from their pitching staff is part of the game. Venting such feelings in a constructive manner can help with enjoying the game.

HORRIBLE: Tells people their feelings and goes to the extreme - taking the worse case scenario and calling for heads to roll. Examples: stating the Tigers will finish under .500 or that firing Jim Leyland will lead to sudden victory - things learned in other, unseemly websites.


GOOD: Begins obsessive scoreboard watching in August and September when the pennant races are heating up. Good knows that scoreboard watching can be a fun endeavor and a way to feel involved when when Good's team is not playing.

HORRIBLE: Starts to talk about games behind and report scores of other teams as soon as the season starts and never stops watching the scoreboard as if taking Horrible's eyes off the schedule and game results will lead to a catastrophe. Granted, this has not been disproven but, it is a little bit obsessive.

Once again I would like to thank Kurt for letting me give a few helpful hints to our wonderful community here and the internet at large. As always, try to be GOOD and... don't be HORRIBLE!