The 2012 Tigers

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

All season long we as Tiger fans have been either Lovers or Haters. Let's face it folks this team was built to win a World Series this year. Mr. I has spent money to not contend but to win. What happened?

Last season way too many players had career years and are not having them this year. Is that the only problem. Of course not. Is the Manager and coaching staff the blame? They need to take their share of the blame but it's not the only problem. I agree with most of the folks on BYB their is no rhyme or reason to some of the lineups Jim Leyland has trotted out there, but the Tigers brass never ask me to be the manager. They hired Leyland to do that because he has the experience to do it and I don't. I am from the old school where Fundamental Baseball was the rule of the road. One in which the manager put his best players on the field every day and pitched whoevers turn it was that day.

Let me clarify this statement. It is just my opinion and nothing more. I believe this Tiger team has a very bad habit of either playing up to their opponents level of play (aka the White Sox, Yankees, Tampa, Texas, or Angels) or down to their opponents level of play (aka Cleveland, Kansas City, or Twins). I wish I knew why this was but I don't have a clue. It just apears to me that this team when playing the lesser teams hang around and let the pitching keep them in the game until they get that Big Bomb. The trouble with that is the Big Bomb either never comes or comes to late.

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