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Bless You Boys Podcast 67: Baseball Hall of Fame shutout a victory for integrity and ass

Clueless as ever, the BBWAA turn the Hall of Fame vote into a referendum on PED's instead of honoring the talented men who play the great game of baseball.


Allison returns to the BYB Podcast after a long hiatus and joins us in ragging on the ridiculousness that is the BBWAA.

BYB Podcast 67 has a running time of 55 minutes and features Allison Hagen, Kurt Mensching and Al Beaton.


  • Jack Morris and Alan Trammell shut out of the Hall of was everyone else on the ballot.
  • Are Morris and Trammell Hall of Fame worthy?
  • The BBWAA selfishly made the vote about themselves, rather than Cooperstown.
  • The BBWAA is being hypocritical. What's the difference between players taking amphetamines in the 1950's and 1960's and using steroids in the 1990's.and 2000's? Weren't both were used as performance enhancers?
  • Despite the lack of tangible proof and going only on suspicion and innuendo, the BBWAA acted as judge, jury and executioner on hall-worthy players, including many who aren't tainted by PED's.
  • Torii Hunter says some very uncomfortable things about homosexuality, then claimed he was misquoted when called on it.
  • There are more Rick Porcello trade rumors which will lead us nowhere.
  • Brayan Villarreal shut down with arm problems, will not have an Andy Dirks-esque winter ball season.
  • Allison gives us the dirt on the Winter Meetings.
  • The Indians signing Nick Swisher gets a "meh."
  • JohnMoz brings back the Lightning Round!

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