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Morosi: Diamondbacks, Mariners talk Porcello trade with Tigers

A new week means a new Rick Porcello trade rumor. The latest involves the Diamondbacks and Mariners.

Doug Pensinger

Last week's Rick Porcello rumor was a convoluted three-way trade involving the Cubs and Orioles, the Tigers ending up with shortstop J.J. Hardy. Nothing ever came of it, save for countless blog posts and newspaper articles.

But a new week means a new Porcello trade rumor. The latest is from Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi.

The Mariners must be looking at other options to improve their team after Justin Upton refused a proposed trade from the Diamondbacks.

The Diamondbacks must be looking at other options to improve their team after Justin Upton refused a proposed trade to the Mariners.

The Mariners have also been rumored to have talked to the Tigers about a trade for Brennan Boesch. Could they have renewed interest in the Tigers' right fielder after being turned down by a big name outfielder (the first being Josh Hamilton, who rebuffed the Mariners in free agency) for the second time in this off season? Could a Porcello - Boesch package interest the Mariners, a team desperate to make some sort of off season splash?

Possibly. But who do the Mariners have, other than prospects, which would interest the Tigers? And don't say Casper Wells and Charlie Furbush.

The Tigers were linked to Upton immediately after the season came to an end. With their signing Torii Hunter, Upton doesn't seem to be a fit in Detroit. Could there be renewed interest in Upton from the Tigers with both Porcello and Jhonny Peralta having been reported to be on the Diamondback's radar?

The Diamondbacks reportedly inquired about Peralta back in November. They may still be in the market for a veteran shortstop being they all their eggs are currently in the basket of rookie Didi Gregorious, recently acquiring him in a deal with the Reds. Considering Gregorious has all of eight games of major league experience, they may want a short-term veteran stopgap in hand as well, and Peralta is in the final year of an affordable contract.

Also keep in mind the Diamondbacks have already signed one starting pitcher in free agency, inking Brandon McCarthy to a two year, $15.5 million deal before the holidays. Would they be willing to obtain another arm, considering they have several internal options for the rotation? Apparently so, if the rumors are to be believed.

So taking the rumors to their semi-logical conclusion leaves us -- Upton for Porcello and Peralta. If the national baseball pundits can throw crap at the wall, so can I.

One other theory? This could be a Tigers' ploy to ratchet up the Cubs' urgency in obtaining Porcello. Hell, at this point, I wouldn't rule out any scenario.

I'll let Lynn Henning of the Detroit News have the last word on these latest Porcello rumors.