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Max Scherzer trade value may be at an all-time high

Check out my column today at the News.

Ezra Shaw

All the talk since the Tigers re-signed Anibal Sanchez has been centered on Rick Porcello.

A recent e-mail to me posited that Max Scherzer is the player who the Tigers should have on the block. Patrick recently wrote a story here asking whether the time is right to extend Scherzer's contract. A column was born!

Whether or not you think the Tigers should trade him, the point of the column was to introduce a different way of looking at the two pitchers as well as how that contributes to future roster decisions. I enjoy those thoughtful kind of debates.

Now, do *I* want to see the Tigers trade Scherzer? Probably not. I'm usually the one arguing a) I'd rather have success than prospects, b) the money doesn't matter that much if your team spends it like the Tigers, and c) Rick Porcello will generally pitch behind his FIP, especially in Detroit.

So trading Scherzer doesn't fit into my baseball viewpoint ... unless the return is right. And if you think there are players out there that can't help Detroit more than Scherzer can, I think you're wrong. The question is whether their clubs need Scherzer more or not. If the right deal were to be worked out ... well, you've got to roll with it.

So, give it a read. See what you think of the proposition.