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Detroit Tigers Links: Phil Coke will be seving coffee and donuts

Tigers announce the dates for the Winter Caravan, Justin Verlander to play the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and looking back at Carlos Guillen trying to play through tuberculosis. These stories and more in today's Afternoon Prowl.

Leon Halip

Melissa is out in Lost Wages, Nevada, so I'm stepping in for your favorite link master today.

Tigers set for Winter Caravan Jan. 24-25, Jason Beck

This year, the Tigers are set to put Austin Jackson and Max Scherzer to work serving up burgers at a Red Robin restaurant in Madison Heights, Mich., while Phil Coke and Torii Hunter serve up coffee at a Dunkin Donuts location in Southfield.

The Tigers' Winter Caravan is scheduled for Jan. 24-25, leading up to the return of TigerFest at Comerica Park on Saturday, Jan. 26.

Whenever a new batch of donuts comes out of the oven, expect a Phil Coke Finger Point.

Detroit Tigers' Alan Trammell May Not Be a Hall of Famer, but He Has 1987
Bleacher Report, Greg Eno

Alan Trammell, the great Tigers shortstop, managed to combine his best September with his best season. Yet, he is no Hall of Famer. Not even close, according to the writers who vote.

Yes, it's B/R. But I know Greg, and he's an island of sanity in the insane waters of B/R.

Detroit Tigers’ Internal Bullpen Options
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder

If you asked me who the best relievers on the team were right now, I’d say (1) Benoit, then (2) Alburquerque.

Let's hope Joaquin Benoit forgets all those home runs he allowed in the second half of 2012 ever happened.

Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander hits the links, commits to AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, James Schmehl

Detroit Tigers starter Justin Verlander is an ace on the mound. Now, he'll get a shot to knock in an ace at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

An avid golfer, Verlander is among more than two dozen celebrities that have committed to the upcoming tournament, to be held Feb. 7-10 in Pebble Beach, Calif.

Too bad JV can't partner with Bill Murray. That would be must see TV.

Quote of the day: Fernando Rodney on playing for his country in the WBC
Hardball Talk, Craig Calcaterra

Asked about gaining permission from the Rays, Rodney replied, "You don’t have to ask permission to represent your country."

Maybe not, but common courtesy says you should get permission from the team which is paying you $2.5 million this season.

When Carlos Guillen Had Tuberculosis
Lookout Landing, Jeff Sullivan

You don't want a player to ever jeopardize his health in this sort of fashion, but Guillen was a starter for the first time on an awesome team, and though he didn't feel good at home, at the park he kept on producing. Guillen felt like he could play through it; Guillen did play through it, until he started coughing up blood. Only then did he go to the hospital.

Was Guillen born under a bad sign when it came to his health? Yes. Was he tough as nails? Definitely.

Hall of Fame voting hits a new low
Sweetspot, David Schoenfield

Trammell also lost votes. His bandwagon didn't really begin until last year, but it's too late for him and the ballot is too crowded. He is every bit the Hall of Famer that Larkin is, but with three years left, it will be up to some future version of the Veterans Committee to put him in.

God damn BBWAA.