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Dave Dombrowski: Rick Porcello has a "leg up" on Drew Smyly for 5th rotation spot

The Tigers GM talked up the talent and youth of Rick Porcello during an interview on MLB Network Radio this afternoon.

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Dave Dombrowksi was interviewed by Jim Duquette on MLB Network Radio's "Power Alley" and had a few things to say about the Rick Porcello situation.

When asked if Porcello was the front runner for the 5th spot in the rotation, the Tigers' GM stated the team was "set in the first four starters," then had a few money quotes:

You have two guys you think can both start, and they're both in a spot where they're coming to camp to battle for the 5th spot. I think you'd have to say Porcello has a leg up because he's got more experience at that point.

But Smyly did such a good job for us last year and ideally you want a left-hander in your rotation, so I don't know which way that would end up going.

But Porcello would have to be a leader. And Rick Porcelo is a fine big league pitcher.

It wasn't his (Porcello's) best year last year, but you are looking at a guy who's won 14 games a couple of times at the big league level but is only 24 years of age.

The three minute clip of Dombrowski talking up Porcello (and also saying Torii Hunter is a good fit in the number two slot in the order, as is Andy Dirks) is posted below.

I can only imagine what Rick Porcello is thinking at the moment. Probably something similar to Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness: "First you wanna trade me, now you wanna keep me. Blow."