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Detroit Tigers Links: Are expectations too high for Victor Martinez & ranking the AL Central's rotations

Are Tigers fans expecting too much from Victor Martinez, is Bruce Rondon the Tigers best shot at closer, and what baseball should learn from Lance Armstrong. These stories and one sad panda in today's Morning Prowl.

Harry How

Are Detroit Tigers' fans expecting too much from the return of Victor Martinez?
Motor City Bengals, Matt Pelc

I'm going to go with probably yes. Also expecting quite a lot from Little Victor. At least on the adorableness factor.

In photos: Ranking the AL Central rotations
The Detroit News, Tony Paul

The Tigers appear set to roar again. The White Sox also are unchanged from last season. The rest of the AL Central, though, has seen wholesale changes with its rotations.

Tigers better off giving Bruce Rondon a shot at closer
Detroit Free Press, Jamie Samuelsen

Closers are very unpredictable. So why move a valuable asset such as Rick Porcello for one when there may be a good closing option on the roster already?

Pablo Sandoval hospitalized in Venezuela with colitis
Big League Stew, Mark Townsend

Sad Panda.

What baseball must learn from Lance Armstrong
The Hardball Times, Dan Lependorf

Baseball should also avoid Oprah. Always. She's bad news.

Expanded replay is not coming in 2013, but boy howdy, look out for 2014
HardballTalk, Criag Calcaterra

Thanks for the Armando Galarraga pic. That doesn't sting at all.

U.S. should rate as WBC favorite
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

We don't have complete rosters yet for all the teams in the World Baseball Classic, but some provisional names have been announced.