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Arbitration watch: Salary figures exchanged today, six players settle

Seven Tigers are eligible for arbitration, and today is the date that salary figures must be submitted by players and clubs. Many will settle today.

Doug Fister signed for one year at $ 4 million for 2013
Doug Fister signed for one year at $ 4 million for 2013
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Following are the MLBTR estimates for the seven Tigers who are eligible for arbitration, with links to the BYB analysis of their arbitration cases. We will update periodically as figures are released and settlements are reached.

3:35 PM ET. UPDATE: Six of the seven arbitration eligible players have settled, leaving Scherzer, a Scott Boras client, as the only unsettled case.

Max Scherzer- $ 7.5 million projected

UPDATE: Scherzer asks for $ 7.4 million, Tigers offer $ 6.05 million.

Midpoint is 6.725 million

2012- 3.75 million

Brennan Boesch- $ 2.1 million

UPDATE: Tigers sign Boesch for $ 2.3 million, avoiding arbitration

2012- $ 502,500

Rick Porcello- $ 4.7 million

UPDATE: Porcello signs for $ 5.1 million, avoiding arbitration

2012- $ 3.1 million

Doug Fister- $ 3.8 million

UPDATE: Tigers sign Fister for $ 4 million, one year, avoiding arbitration.

2012- $507,500

Phil Coke- $ 1.7 million

UPDATE: Tigers and Phil Coke settle for $ 1.85 million, avoiding arbitration

2012- $ 1.1million

Austin Jackson $ 3.1 million

UPDATE: Jackson settles for $ 3.5 million, avoiding arbitration

2012- $ 500,000

Alex Avila $ 2.5 million

UPDATE: Avila settles for $ 2.95 million, avoiding arbitration

2012- $ 510,000

Ryan Raburn was released and is now a free agent

Don Kelly was released and signed to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training and the right to opt out if he is not on the opening day roster.