2013 Detroit Tigers (& BYB) New Year's Resolutions

-Austin Jackson resolves to go back to just playing Center Field, as opposed to the half of Left, all of Center, most of Right Field position he has occupied since being traded to Detroit.

-Omar Infante resolves to do his best 2006 Placido Polanco impression for the 2013 season.

-Prince Fielder resolves to get himself a Triple Crown of his own. (HR, RBI, OBP)

-Justin Verlander resolves to head to Florida well before the start of spring training. Because even if there is no one there to let him into the Lakeland complex he can always hang out at the beach with, you know, Kate.

-Victor Martinez resolves to bring his leadership AND doubles raking bat back to the D for 2 more years. Little Victor resolves to continue being adorable.

-Bruce Rondon resolves to become the Cheezy Potato by blowing ninth inning 100 MPH fastballs past major league sluggers all season long.

-Phil Coke resolves to do the glove slam after every Yankee out he registers for the rest of his career. (god I would love that)

-Al Albuquerque resolves to blow a kiss to Josh Reddick, along with a gift card to Sport Clips.

-Alex Avila resolves to buy stock in Gillette.

-Torii Hunter resolves to keep the topic of conversation on baseball.

-Miguel Cabrera resolves to find the perfect father's Day gift for his dad, Jor El

-Anibal Sanchez resolves to reward Mr Illich's $80 million contract with 20 win seasons.

-Andy Dirks resolves to help Doug Fister bulk up, one body part at a time. Lesson one: Neck lifts and a steady diet of hot-n-readies.

-Jim Leyland resolves to quit talking with his mouth full, and to finally quit those damn Marlb...oh who the hell is he kidding.

-Dave Dombrowski resolves to change the spelling of his last name. Just to spite the trolls.

-Kurt Mensching resolves to post a more serious picture on his DetNews byline, instead of the devil-may-care one in use currently.

-Rob Rogacki resolves that he will not have to post a reply to every comment left after his articles.

-David Tokarz resolves to put away the rose colored glasses and actually take a critical look at Brennen Boesch's baseball skills.

-GWilson resolves to make up some obscure but amazing stats. Just to see if anyone is paying attention.

-Rogo resolves to post daily on his Tiger Snark blog, with regular visits from Fu Te Ni, Bondo, little Will, Sheff & Brandon. He will also finally profess his undying love for The Wizard.

-I resolve to profess my undying love for Allison, Melissa & NCDee, since my Minnesota Twins loving wife refuses to convert. (Please don't give me the Hammer,Dee!)

OK, there's my list. So what about the rest of you? I would love to hear your Tiger resolutions in the comments!

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