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Detroit Tigers Links: Porcello and Smyly competing for starter position & Atlanta Braves to trade for Justin Upton?

The Atlanta Braves are trying to work out a deal for Justin Upton, Jim Leyland says that both Rick Porcello and Drew Smyly will be with the Tigers this season, and a new Tigers podcast has hit the interwebs. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Christian Petersen

Happy birthday baby bro.

Leyland talks Smyly, Porcello, Dirks, Boesch, Garcia, Peralta at Hens Fandemonium
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
Some interesting odds and ends about Smyly and Porcello. Spoiler alert: the word "Toledo" is not mentioned.

MCB Podcast #2: Former Detroit Tigers "Greats"
Motor City Bengals, H. Jose Bosch
Apparently BYB is no longer the only Tigers blog with a podcast. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to this yet, but I'd imagine that Matt and Jose are just as entertaining as we are in audio form. A cross-collaboration has not yet been announced, but we would be willing to deal if there are toolsy prospects and/or Doritos involved.

Dave Dombrowski on Miguel Cabrera: Don't worry, he'll be ready
MLive, Peter J. Wallner
Umm... was anyone actually worried in the first place?

Recount needed? Ex-Tiger Ryan Raburn gets votes as 'Face of the Indians'
The Detroit News, Tom Gage
Apparently 4% of the voters in this poll were sarcastic Tigers fans.

The Atlanta Braves (Rumored) Quest To Acquire Justin Upton
Talking Chop
The Braves are hoping to land Upton, which would be fine by me. Check here for all the latest news, because you know their fans will be ecstatic for a deal to go down.

All-time top 25 players under 25
ESPN SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield
Despite the aggressive loopholes created in the first few paragraphs (seriously, no Fidrych?), this is a pretty impressive list.

Time Warner, Dodgers agree on new TV network
HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra
Next week's headline: "Dodgers buy Major League Baseball."

Delmon Young can earn an additional $600,000 if he loses eight pounds — and keeps them off
Big League Stew, David Brown
I would lose those same 8 pounds if you offered me five dollars. If Delmon can't do this for over half a million...

Is it too early to panic about the Yankees?
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer
Yes, it's still too early. The Yankees are one of three teams in their division (along with Baltimore and Toronto) with serious question marks. The Rays are legit contenders and the Red Sox are rebuilding. There's still plenty of room to compete.

The opportunity of RBI
The Hardball Times, Jason Mitchell
An excellent take on how opportunities can, but don't always affect RBI production. For instance, Miguel Cabrera is pretty good at driving in runs no matter the situation.