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Detroit Tigers Links: Justin Verlander wants to stay in Detroit & Jim Leyland's lineup is set to go

Justin Verlander would "love" to stay in Detroit for the rest of his career, Jim Leyland has it easy (sort of) this season, and Nationals fans are still supporting Drew Storen. These stories and only like two more (hey, it was a slow day yesterday) in today's Morning Prowl.

Jonathan Daniel

Spring Training needs to start if for no other reason than that there will be actual news to link again.

Verlander: "I would love to play my career here"
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck
Beck elaborates on Verlander's comments at TigerFest. I hope Dombrowski doesn't wait on this.

Tigers' star-laden lineup making it easier for Jim Leyland
The Detroit News, Bob Wojnowski
Wojo hits the nail on the head in the first few paragraphs: fans are simply looking for things to nitpick at this point.

Watch Phil Coke's funny impersonation of Miguel Cabrera at the Auto Show (video)
MLive, Tanya Moutzalias
MLive has a few videos posted of various Tigers speaking at the Auto Show yesterday, but this one is easily the best.

CAIRO Projections Predict Detroit Tigers To Have Largest Division Lead In Baseball
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder
We all kind of thought this last year and well... at least they got the job done.

Over/under: Josh Hamilton's home runs
ESPN SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield
It will be interesting to see how Hamilton's power plays now that he's gone from one of the most hitter-friendly parks in baseball to one of the most pitcher-friendly. I'll still take the over on this one though.

Drew Storen gets love from fans at ‘Natsfest’
Big League Stew, David Brown
Odds are Jose Valverde would not get this kind of reception from Tigers fans.