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The 2013 BYB Meet-Up: Planning Poll

Vote for the day you'd prefer to come to this year's meet-up at Comerica Park.

Leon Halip

Hi everyone. I hope you all had wonderful holidays, whatever sort you celebrate/don't celebrate.

I'm going to try giving an additional poll option this year. Mostly because it's easier for me to get to Detroit now - I've relocated to Ohio. A few notes on your options (handy schedule link):

  • Saturday May 25th is a Twins game with a 7:05 p.m. start. There are several other home games surrounding it, the following series is against the Pirates. The Mud Hens are unfortunately not home that weekend. This is Memorial Day weekend, and I thought maybe the long weekend would give those from far away an extra travel day.
  • Saturday July 27th is a Phillies game with a 7:05 p.m start. They are off that Monday but then a series with the Nats begins the following Tuesday. The Mud Hens are home that weekend. For various personal reasons this was the only July weekend that really worked for me, and I've got other travel planned for June.
  • Saturday August 3rd is the same weekend as last year's meet-up, and it's with the White Sox again. The Mud Hens are also home that weekend. It seemed to work out okay for lots of you, being at the end of the summer, plus it's a rival team series.

Please fill out the poll with your preferred date. The one that receives the most votes will be our date. I'll close it later this week and then let everyone know what we've decided on and how much it'll cost. In past years ticket prices have been between $30-40. If you have anything to say about changes you'd like to see made or fun ideas, please don't hesitate to comment.