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2013 Baseball Hall of Fame: Who deserves to be let in?

It's Hall of Fame season. I'm not sure that I care. But on the off-chance that YOU care, here's some a ballot for you to criticize!


Hall of Fame season is about to come to a head.

The Baseball Writers Association of America will announce its 2013 class at 2 p.m. Wednesday (coverage begins noon on MLB Network), and controversies that have been debated for the past month will have winners and losers.

Did that alleged steroids user deserve to get in? How about an admitted PED aficionado? Which writer is about to get incredibly indignant?

Closer to home, we have a pair or players who we view as Tigers -- Jack Morris and Alan Trammell -- who slowly but surely make their way up the ballot. Trammell had a little more than a third of the vote last year; he needs to more than double his account in order to win election. Meanwhile Morris may finally gain his admittance after years of pushing his way up the ballot. He earned two-thirds of the vote last year and only needs to pick up a handful more.

Those who have read me for years know that I've never really spent a lot of energy covering the run up to the announcement. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about the Hall of Fame, who is in it, who got snubbed, or any of that other junk. I know, it's one of those topics people love to debate. Who's in or who's out just doesn't affect my life in any tangible way, and the part of baseball analysis I enjoy is making projections that can be tested for accuracy. I guess I could project who the voters will elect or something. But, eh.

Yet, in the spirit of selecting up to 10 people off this year's ballot who should be in the Hall, I present this list for you to nod your heads in agreement about or desecrate as you see fit:

1) Jack Morris: You give me your ERA+ (actually I did that myself recently) but I feel like Morris is one of those pitchers recognized for his contribution over a period of time in the 80s or 90s. Fits my definition for "fame" even if he fails the "Hall of Statistically Significant"

2) Jeff Bagwell: Compiled some gaudy figures.

3) Alan Trammell: Deserves it since they let Barry Larkin in.

4) Curt Schilling: Awesome, has rings, his sock bled. He's in.

5) Barry Bonds: see below

6) Roger Clemens: This was obviously the great debate. ROIDERS! You know what, we cannot say anything for certain about the "steroids era" of baseball. Pitchers did it. Hitters did it. Doesn't that even things up a bit in some way? Even if it doesn't, Clemens and Bonds had Hall-worthy careers before the doodie hit the chopper in my opinion. And compared to their own era, they were great. So, they're in.

7) Edgar Martinez: I don't care if he DH'd. It's in the rules. DH exists. He was great at it. What's the problem?

8) Sammy Sosa: I guess. I mean I don't really like him but if I left him off after that speech about Bonds and Clemens I'd feel like a hypocrite.

9) Mark McGwire: Oh crap there's another one. Why did I open that dam?!

10) Craig Biggio: Most hits among those on the 2013 ballot. Green light!

* Wait, how did Rafael Palmiero not make this list? Well, whatever, I'm sticking with Morris.