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Miguel Cabrera steals second GIF

You're not even going to believe me if I tell you this.

The Tigers stole two bases in the fourth inning against the Red Sox. The first, Austin Jackson. Yeah, he hasn't taken a lot of bases this year, but at least he seems capable.


That is notable because it's the Tigers' first of the postseason, which we guess is cool and all. But we don't care about that one.




We have proof:


They didn't even rule it as defensive indifference! Cabrera looked around, thought, "Ain't nobody gonna believe this!" and just took off for second. He reached safely without a throw as, indeed, they did not believe it.

Holy moly.

Now, there may be some unwritten rule about not stealing a base with a 7-0 lead. But after blowing a 5-0 lead on Sunday, I think the Tigers can be permitted for trying to run up the score a bit. Don't take anything for granted.

Like don't take for granted Cabrera's just going to stand there on first base.

Cause he's not.

Miguel Cabrera stole second.