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Jose Iglesias makes amazing catch Game 5

The shortstop can catch anything anywhere.

Mike Ehrmann

Wednesday, when Jose Iglesias missed making a catch along the third base line after running all the way over from short, I remarked that you just expected him to make the catch. Anywhere on the field. Third base line, first base line, behind the plate, center field. Nothing Iglesias can't get to.

Yeah, that's what it seems like anyway.

Well, here's why:


When Iglesias makes a catch like that, running out to center on a Texas leaguer off the bat of David Ortiz and somehow getting under it and holding on, well, it's hard not to feel like the entire field is in Iglesias' zone, isn't it?

With Boston leading 4-0 (though 3-0 at the time), we needed a highlight.