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Brayan Pena tags the umpire (GIF)

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Fortunately no run scored after that.

Why not have a little more nuttiness in this series?

The Red Sox bunted to third with a runner on first in the ninth inning. Miguel Cabrera fielded it and made the throw to first for the out. However, Boston's pinch runner, Wil Middlebrooks, saw a chance to go all the way around to third base and went for it.

Arriving late to cover the base, Tigers catcher Brayan Pena took the throw back from first and swished his arm around to ... tag third base umpire Rob Drake.



In all likelihood, Middlebrooks is safe at third anyway. He looks like he'd be. But tagging the umpire, who'd positioned himself nearly on top of third base, sure didn't help the matter for the Tigers.

Detroit trailed 4-3 at the time.