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National reactions to Jim Leyland's resignation as Tigers manager

The national media and Detroit Tigers bloggers react to Jim Leyland's announcement that he's stepping down as the Detroit Tigers manager.

Leon Halip

Jim Leyland retires as Tigers manager; is Hall of Fame in his future?
The Strike Zone, Jay Jaffe

Two days after the Tigers were ousted from the American League Championship Series, Jim Leyland announced his retirement from managing.

Jim Leyland: Possibly a Hall of Fame manager, definitely a HOF man, Gregg Doyel

He won three pennants and a World Series. Hall of Famer? Absolutely yes, in my book.

In Honor of the Retiring Jim Leyland, Here Is a Video of Him Cursing Out Barry Bonds
The Triangle Blog, Chris Ryan

They broke the mold with this guy. May he infuriate his retirement community with his incessant swearing and cigarette smoking.

When Jim Leyland made an ass of himself
Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer

Jim Leyland's retiring, and more than the World's Championship he won while managing the Marlins, we'll always remember that day he dropped a bunch of f-bombs on Barry Bonds.

Jim Leyland’s best of times: Remembering him after he stepped down as Tigers skipper
Big League Stew, David Brown

At 68 years old, and as he was nearing eight full seasons in Detroit, Leyland simply felt like he was running out of energy to the job properly.

Like him or not, Jim Leyland made Detroit Tigers baseball relevant again
Detroit Free Press, Drew Sharp

Criticize him for the situational blunder inevitable for a manager entrusted with making dozens upon dozens of split second decisions over the course of a single game.

Leyland announces retirement from managing
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

It's time, Jim Leyland said. "It's time to step down from the managerial position of the Detroit Tigers."

Leyland's legacy: Borderline Hall of Famer
SweetSpot Blog, David Schoenfield

One of the things I liked best about Jim Leyland is that he never really gave you a song-and-dance response to questions.

Moving on from a legend
Walkoff Woodward, Sam Genson

Perhaps more important than who manages the Tigers will be to what extant he has control over his caching staff.

Detroit Tigers Tweet Support, Respect for Jim Leyland
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder

I really want to be friends with Brayan Pena. He just seems kind of awesome.

stepping down
Roar of the Tigers, Samara Pearlstein

This is pretty great. Nope, it's fantastic.

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