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Scratch Don Mattingly from Detroit Tigers' list of managerial candidates

The Dodgers and Don Mattingly have agreed to honor the final year of his contract, taking him off the managerial open market.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You can scratch Don Mattingly off any list of Detroit Tigers managerial candidates.

During Wednesday's night's World Series Game 1, news leaked in regard to Mattingly's status. The LA Times reported the Los Angeles Dodgers and Mattingly would honor the final year remaining on his contract. Per MLB request, Mattingly's staus will not become official until after the World Series.

Mattingly will be a lame-duck manager for the time being. Despite their often contentious relationship, Dodgers' President Stan Kasten has not ruled out a long-term extension, which is something Mattingly has been seeking for some time.

The Dodgers had recently fired Trey Hillman, who was Mattingly's bench coach the past three seasons, which stoked rumors Mattingly was going to walk away from the manager's seat in LA. Calmer heads have prevailed, removing from the market a manger who would have definitely been on the Tigers' radar.

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