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Ozzie Guillen would love to manage Tigers, Miguel Cabrera

Tigers fans would likely prefer he not

Sarah Glenn

Ozzie Guillen would love to hitch his traveling circus to the Tigers' train. Asked on Twitter Thursday whether he's be interested in the position, Guillen replied in Spanish that his dream would be to coach Miguel Cabrera.

On one hand, Guillen has plenty of experience as a manager and some success too. He led the White Sox to the 2005 World Series title. The White Sox also won the Central Division title in 2008 (after a sudden-death Game 163 against the Twins). He did not finish the 2011 season, finishing his time in Chicago with a 678-617 record. He also seems like he'd be pretty fun.

On the other hand, his Marlins career was decidedly less successful. Guillen was handed an expensive roster that was supposed to shake things on the NL East in 2012. Instead, it went just 69-93, traded off what it could and did not invite Guillen back in 2013.

Guillen was also not without his controversies. In fact, Google brings back quite a selection of them. The Chicago Sun Timeslisted its five "favorites," including praise of Fidel Castro that only served to anger the Marlins fans in Miami. He also had a remark about Jay Mariotti that resulted in a $20,000 fine and sensitivity training. Another controversy you might remember occurred in 2009. Guillen denied rumors that he was drinking with Miguel Cabrera during the final series of that season, when Cabrera found himself in trouble with the Birmingham police.

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