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Amazing BYB Predictions from 2013

Our egos were bruised from so many awful predictions being outed yesterday, so today we will look at the ones we got right.

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Here at BYB, we make plenty of predictions. Most of them are awful, as you saw yesterday. Every once in a while, we get one right. Here are some of the best picks we made in 2013.

From the "Five bold predictions" post:

"Someone outside of the organization is playing shortstop after the trade deadline."

Sure, it took a suspension for it to happen, but it still counts. And if you think that one is good, check out this:

"I have a name for you, just think about it. Ready? Jose Iglesias."

/jaw drops

"Scherzer wins 20... and is the 3rd best starter."

There's a good argument to be made that Anibal Sanchez had a better season, but Scherzer was clearly one of the Tigers' best pitchers this year. Still, calling the 20 wins was pretty solid. Several people were optimistic about Max's upcoming season, though.

"Max Scherzer starts the All-Star game."

"Verlander is great, but Max Scherzer wins more games and starts the All-Star game."

From the staff predictions thread:

"The Yankees’ deal with the Cryptkeeper comes to an end and age finally catches up with the team as Derek Jeter crumbles into dust after attempting his signature three-foot jump throw against the Royals."

The jump throw didn't happen, but Jeter made his season debut against the Royals on July 11th and didn't play again for another 17 days.

"NL champion: Cardinals over the Dodgers in a 6 game series. Cardinals will have a hot second half and go into the Playoffs hot."

I'm not going to post every solid pick made in that thread, but calling the six game series on the nose was pretty impressive.

Also, Kurt caught a lot of flack in that thread for predicting the Red Sox would make the playoffs. Before he gets the last laugh, however, remember that he predicted that the Colorado Rockies would make it to the World Series in 2012.

From the opponent previews:

"Still, the Cardinals will somehow find a way to make it to the playoffs. They always do."

Ok, so they "found a way" by winning the most games in baseball, but it still counts, right?

"I am calling it right now. Pittsburgh will be in the hunt for a playoff spot in September."

"[Andrelton] Simmons' glove is so good, it has advanced statistic aficionados doing unmentionable things to themselves behind closed doors."

"The Mariners have finished dead last in the American League in runs scored in each of the past four seasons. Remember the Randy Smith era? That's what Mariners fans feel like right now."

That one was more of an indirect prediction, but it's probably the best comparison I made all season long.

"[The Los Angeles Angels] have Oakland and Texas to compete with still. Plus a couple series against the Dodgers. They’ll be better this year but I wonder if they’ll miss the playoffs despite their talent."

"We said this last year, and it turned out to be true: the Rangers still have an extremely deep and talented roster...I still see them in the playoff hunt come September."

"Yes, Yoenis Cespedes' BABIP could actually fall and Josh Reddick's power could drop off and the pitching staff could turn out to be just so-so, but the upgrades made at key positions turn a team that slightly overperformed last season into a legitimate contender in 2013."

All of these things happened and the A's were still a legitimate contender in 2013.

"The Red Sox have the talent to make some noise in 2013 if things go right, namely the pitching and Jacoby Ellsbury...If Lester and the rest of the pitching staff can keep up, the Red Sox may surprise some teams this season."

/throws laptop across room

"The Yankees are no longer the class of the AL East."

Next, we got some solid picks for our division rivals.

"Raburn could be one of the most underrated signings of the offseason if he can be the same second half offensive force he was during his time in Detroit."

Ryno hit 16 homers and had a .901 OPS in 277 plate appearances, earning himself a two year extension after this season with a club option for 2016.

"Cleveland wins one of the Wild Cards."

"[The Kansas City Royals] will probably finish the season with a winning record...However, the lack of much secondary talent, especially in the rotation, will be the reason they fall short of the playoffs for the 28th consecutive season."

"The Royals' rotation is Shields and four #5 starters. That’s not going to make the playoffs in the American League."

Those were just a small sample of some excellent preseason predictions from our writers and commenters, and that doesn't even begin to dabble into the work of GWilson, tomduhb and others that made prognostications all season long in preview threads.

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