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Top 25 Tigers Names

I got to thinking, who has the best names of the Tigers minor leaguers? I'll count from 25-1. Let's see if you agree with me.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Usually, I'd leave a silly exercise like this up to Phil Coke's Brain or Hookslide. However, I'm going to attempt to take this project on myself. The Tigers minor league system may be short on talent, but it's certainly not short on names. It's that weird time between the end of the minor league season and the Arizona Fall League starting up. There isn't any winter ball to pay attention to just yet. This is the perfect time to arbitrarily rank baseball players. Agree? Good.

I couldn't have done this without the help of Eddie Bajek's comprehensive service time sheet. It's probably my favorite Tigers resource. Check it out here.

You probably don't know anyone else with this first name:
25. Eliezer Castillo, 2B VSL Tigers- I can think of Eliezer Mesa who in fact, used to play in the Tigers org.
24. Gerson Moreno, P VSL Tigers- Combination of Gerry and Jason?
23. Yerison Pena, 3B VSL Tigers- No idea. I mean, the Pena part is relatively ordinary.
22. Dilinyer Flores, 3B VSL Tigers- Okay, that name is pretty sweet, I won't lie.
21. Orvin Tovar,OF GCL Tigers- Orvin? Maybe a Lord of the Rings character?

Just rolls off the tongue
20. Esmiero del Valle, P VSL Tigers- Simply, this name was cool and I couldn't put it anywhere else.
19. Dominic Ficociello, IF/OF West Michigan Whitecaps- A prospect that I have been keeping an eye on, but how pretty is that name?
18. Dixon Machado, SS Lakeland Tigers- Something about "Dix-on Mach-a-do" sounds like a major league name. Let's hope the bat catches up to the glove.
17. Eurys Felipe, 2B DSL Tigers- I have nothing witty here.

Are these names made up? Seriously.
16.Arvincent Perez, C VSL Tigers- I didn't realize that "Ar" was a prefix to names. Arjordan. Arkurt. Arrob. None of these work. Oh, well.
15.Wildenson Yanez, P VSL Tigers- Taking three distinct parts of other relatively popular names (William, Aiden/Brayden, Jason) and putting them together. I'll allow it.
14.Endrys Briceno, P West Michigan Whitecaps- Endrys probably has the best talent/name combination. Please keep working on that curveball.

Video game names
13. Micah Kellogg, P GCL Tigers- Perfect video game name. Looks exactly like a computer generated name in Madden. Also, Kellogg and cereal and stuff.
12. DJ Driggers, OF GCL Tigers- The epitome of this category.
11. Junior Camaripano, P VSL Tigers- Especially in Ken Griffey Jr. baseball. You know, the second best baseball series ever? Speaking of which, can MVP baseball come back? Please and thanks.
10. Samuel Crafort, OF GCL Tigers- Crafort? Yeah, that's someone's last name in NBA 2K14.

Baseball names:
9. Danny Dorn, OF Toledo Mudhens- Roger Dorn's brother, of course.
8. Adenson Verastigui, P VSL Tigers- I'll let someone more talented with photoshop than I combine Jose Veras and David Segui together. The last name is a 70 grade baseball name.
7. Junnell Ledezma, 3B VSL Tigers- You remember Wil Ledezma, right? He still doesn't know where the ball is going.

Harry Potter names
6. Eudis Idrogo, P VSL Tigers- That has to be someone in Gryffindor.
5. Dilinyer Flores, 3B VSL Tigers- I'm going to guess Hufflepuff here just to change things up.
4. Warwick Saupold, P Erie Seawolves- I could have gone with the first name category here, but after thinking about someone with a British accent saying "Warwick" I had to reconsider.

3. Jheyser Azuaje, C VSL Tigers- This name doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.
2. Andres Sthormes, C VSL Tigers - I can't figure out if the "T" or the H" is more out of place here.
1. Confesor Lara, P GCL Tigers- the best name. Ever.