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Scott Boras noncommittal on contract talks between Tigers and Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer, Scottr Boras and Dave Dombrowski are all saying the right things about a contract extension, but no one will confirm if there are ongoing negotiations.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer winning the 2013 AL Cy Young and swirling trade rumors have brought his contract status to the forefront. There's lots being said, but little being done.

During an interview with Matt Dery of Detroit Sports 105.1 (audio available at, Scherzer's agent, the much reviled Scott Boras, was extremely noncommittal when asked if contract extension negotiations had taken place with the Detroit Tigers.

Agent-speak via Josh Slagter of Mlive:

"If and when the organization is ready to discuss this matter, we're certainly here to hear them out and talk about it."

"We're not in any way placing any demands on the Tigers to do anything this year. Max has said he's very happy and looking forward to making a push at winning a World Series in 2014 in Detroit."

"It's a great ownership, it's a well-run organization. It's a great ballpark, great fan base. I think Max has said that many times, he certainly enjoys winning, and what the Ilitch family has committed to making the Tigers competitive every year."

In other words, Scherzer would entertain an extension, but the Tigers have yet to make an offer. The rest is just so much fluff.

When asked about Scherzer's contract talks earlier in the week, GM Dave Dombrowski was, to no one's surprise, far more concise than uber-agent Boras:

"We like Max, and he likes Detroit. We'll see what happens."

What does the reigning Cy Young winner have to say about his contract situation? During an interview on the MLB Network, Scherzer was as noncommittal as everyone else.

"Taking care of one this off-season, really I haven’t even approached it. I haven’t even stepped back and thought about it, just because we’re not at the right time to discuss a contract. I’m sure something can be talked about throughout the winter."

As the contract negotiations turn...