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Miguel Cabrera rehabbing groin injury, will be ready for spring training

The two-time American League MVP is still recovering from his injuries, but expects to be fully healthy when it's time to report to Lakeland.

Jim Rogash

Miguel Cabrera is once again the American League MVP. But he's also recovering from from injuries which greatly limited his play over the final weeks of the regular season and in the playoffs.

The question who would win win AL MVP as been answered. What hadn't been answered was the status of Cabrera's health. He battled numerous injuries throughout 2013, the most severe of which was the groin tear which sapped his power and kept him from running at anywhere near full speed. Speaking to the media after the MVP awards ceremony, Cabrera said he is undergoing rehab and is confident he will be fully recovered when he reports to Lakeland.

Via Chris Iott of Mlive:

I'm doing rehab right now," Cabrera said. "I'm doing great. Yeah, I'm going to be ready for spring training."

"I've been doing great man," Cabrera said. "Right now I'm moving better. I'm feeling great."

Humble as ever, Cabrera claimed he never expected to win a second MVP award.

"I didn't think I was going to win the MVP anyway," he said. "Mike Trout, (Chris) Davis, they had tremendous years. They deserved to win the MVP."

Cabrera made sure to thank the organization and his teammates. Via Anthony Fenech of the Free Press:

"I’m thankful because I got great teammates, I got a great organization," Cabrera said. "The Detroit Tigers support me my family, my kids and my wife. I’m very blessed because I’m in this position right now. I’m excited."

When asked for comment on Cabrera by, former AL MVP Justin Verlander brought up the injury factor.

"He wasn't 100 percent for the whole last month and a half," Verlander said. "In my book, that makes him every bit more the MVP than it would have otherwise. I think 90 percent of baseball players would've been sitting on the couch not playing, dealing with what he's dealt with this year."

As did former manager Jim Leyland.

"I felt so bad for the kid," Leyland said, "because I saw how bad he was hurting. This is a nice reward, but nothing can repay what that kid did."

There are many arguments you can make for Chris Davis, and especially Mike Trout, as the 2013 AL MVP. But those arguments will never convince Cabrera's teammates anyone other than Miguel Cabrera deserved the award. They watched him take the field every day and produce and MVP numbers despite dealing with numerous injuries which would have incapacitated many, if not most, players.

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