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Bless You Boys Podcast 93: Spreadsheet nerds

Al, Kurt and HookSlide cover the past week of Detroit Tigers baseball, including awards season domination, sabermatrician war mongering, trade rumors involving nearly the entire starting rotation, the team's interest in free agent closers and Baseball America dissing the farm system.

Leon Halip

Bless You Boys Podcast 93 has a running time of 46 minutes and features Al Beaton, HookSlide and of course, Kurt Mensching.

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  • Miguel Cabrera is named 2013 AL MVP by the BBWAA for a second straight season.
  • Brian Kenny, Keith Law and other bully pulpit owning sabermatriciians declare war, insulting anyone who believed Cabrera was a more deserving winner than Mike Trout.
  • Max Scherzer is your 2013 AL Cy Young winner, no backlash ensues.
  • Should we be celebrating individual awards while the Tigers keep coming up short of winning a World Series title?
  • Depending on the rumor, Scherzer, Doug Fister, Rick Porcello and/or  Prince Fielder are all on the trading block.
  • Scherzer: 'I don't want to be traded!'
  • The Tigers have reportedly been linked to free agent closers Joe Nathan and Brian Wilson.
  • Baseball America ranks the Tigers' farm system as the second worse in all of baseball, 29th overall.  So what else is new? And does it really make a difference?
  • HookSlide is still in baseball post season rehab, Kurt is infuriated by a trashy tweet and Al teases upcoming podcast hijinks.

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