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Tigers rumors: Joe Nathan being recruited by Torii Hunter

Interviewed on MLB Network Radio, free agent closer Joe Nathan called the Detroit Tigers 'An appealing and attractive team.'

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Free agent closer Joe Nathan, who has said the Detroit Tigers were high on his wish list, was interviewed by Casey Stern and Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio. Turns out, Nathan was being recruited by his former Minnesota Twins teammate, Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter. Nathan let it be known Hunter has exchanged texts with him, selling him on signing with Detroit

When asked how he would fit on the Tigers, Nathan found them to be a very attractive option.

"That's a very appealing and attractive team to look at. I definitely love the Tigers. Know them very well, having competed against that squad for so many years when I was with the Twins."

When asked if location would play a decision in where he ends up, Nathan made a point to say a situation where he could win was more important.The Tigers fit Nathan's criteria for a landing spot.

It does play a factor. But it definitely does take a back seat. Whether the team has a chance to not just seriously contend, not just to get to the post season, but to get where we ultimately want to be. And that's the World Series.

Nathan has showed no signs of decline, coming off a 43 save, 1.39 ERA season with the Texas Rangers.

With the recent reports of the team's interest in Brian Wilson, who is likely to be a much cheaper, if riskier, option, it remains to seen if the Tigers are willing to meet the 39-year-old Nathan's extremely high asking price. It will come down to if the Tigers are willing to pay Nathan $20 million plus over two-years.

Nathan was diplomatic, but mentioned as the Tigers' competitors for his services during the interview were the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels.

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