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Bless You Boys Podcast 91: Kurt uncensored

Al, Kurt and HookSlide return from an unplanned hiatus to catch up on ALL the Tigers news of the past three weeks, including the ALCS, Prince Fielder hate, Jim Leyland's retirement, the search for a replacement and free agency.

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Bless You Boys Podcast 91 has a running time of 1:16 and features Al Beaton, HookSlide and of course, Kurt Mensching.

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  • Where have we been for the past three weeks? Let's just say Al has something in common with Prince Fielder.
  • Changes in how you listen to and download the show.
  • The Tigers decline the contact option of Jose Veras, making him a free agent. HUH?
  • Darin Downs and Matt Tuiasosopo move on to greener pastures.
  • Is a complete bullpen rebuild coming?
  • Tigers drop the ALCS to the Red Sox in six games. What happened and who's to blame? Is there any solace to be taken from the Tigers losing to the eventual World Champions?
  • Fielder is made the scapegoat, as the fan base blames much of the team's failure to advance to the World Series completely on him and his huge contract.
  • Jim Leyland announces his retirement. What's the legacy of Leyland? Will the vocal minority who have long wanted him gone learn what "Be careful what you wish for, you might get it?" means? Is he a Hall of Famer?
  • There's no obvious, standout name in the search for Leyland's replacement. Does an outside-the-box candidate make sense with a veteran team with World Series aspirations? How much longer will the search drag out? Are there any favorites?
  • Free agency starts at 12:01 AM Tuesday, November 5. Should we expect much action from the Tigers?
  • After an obstruction call ended World Series Game 3, there was a cry of (Mostly from Boston fans) "Umpires should not decide the game!" That's disingenuous at best and utter BS at worst.
  • LET'S RIOT! Boston is the latest city to go on a post-championship rampage.
  • Using Blog Talk Radio as a host allows us to do live shows where we can take calls from listeners. If you would like us to do a live show in the next couple of weeks, let us know via the poll or in the comments

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