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Tigers not closing the door on trading Max Scherzer, teams 'know he can be had'

According to Yahoo's Jeff Passan, Max Scherzer is definitely in play on the trade market, despite ESPN's Jayson Stark reporting otherwise earlier today.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First thing this morning ESPN's Jayson Stark reported the Detroit Tigers were unlikely to deal or extend Max Scherzer. This afternoon, Yahoo's Jeff Passan is claiming otherwise in regard to a possible trade.

So the Tigers are back to where they were before they traded Doug Fister? Apparently so, according to Passan.

My head is spinning. Scherzer is on the trading block, but he isn't because Fister was dealt, then he's back on the market. The Tigers are clearing payroll in order to sign Scherzer to an extension, but they also can't afford him.

Who the Hell knows what going to happen with Scherzer at this point? I don't, you don't and baseball writers and pundits don't know either. Only two men can say for sure, and they aren't talking.

Not a soul can say for sure what Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski may be thinking. Same goes for aging owner Mike Ilitch. We have no idea if the Tigers' octogenarian owner has given his GM specific orders in regard to future payroll. Which means speculation runs rampant, reporters grasping at any small nugget of information in regard to the Tigers and running like Hell with it.

I don't know who or what to believe any more.

Our own pundit, Phil Coke's Brain, succinctly sums up the the rumors swirling around the Tigers during day three of the Winter Meetings.

Couldn't have said it better myself.