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Tigers rumors: Dave Dombrowski refutes Max Scherzer and Matt Kemp speculation

Dave Dombrowski addressed today's Winter Meetings rumor mongering and proceeded to deny any of it was true.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Day three of MLB's Winter Meetings was a Detroit Tigers rumor fest. Over the past 24 hours, the organization was supposed to be doing the following:

Late Wednesday afternoon, Tigers' GM Dave Domborowski made the media rounds and decided to clear the air. He refuted almost everything which has been reported since Tuesday night.

He appeared on ESPN's Baseball Tonight...

...and (God help him) MLB Network's Intentional Talk.

Dombrowski proceeded to deny, deny, deny.

Is Kemp on the Tigers' radar? No.

What about all the speculation over Scherzer's contract status? It's just that, speculation.

Are the Tigers still in the market for players? Only if that player can throw out of the bullpen.

The only thing Dombrowski didn't address was Chamberlain. Maybe he's the 'not top-shelf' reliever?

So there you have it. If you believe the Tigers' GM, the team hasn't even discussed an extension with Scherzer's agent Scott Boras, they are happy with their rebuilt everyday lineup and are looking for just one cheap bullpen arm.

Wouldn't you believe someone dressed in a turquoise t-shirt and checkered sport coat?