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Dave Dombrowski: Tigers' roster is set; Joba Chamberlain signing is 'last move we'd make'

In a Friday morning teleconference, the Tigers confirmed the signing of Joba Chamberlain. GM Dave Dombrowski and manager Brad Ausmus also addressed the current status of the bullpen and the roster as a whole.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers made the Joba Chamberlain signing official this morning.

Infielder Danny Worth was designated for assignment in order to make room on the 40-man roster for Chamberlain.

During the announcement teleconference, GM Dave Dombrowski addressed other matters surrounding a currently in-flux franchise.

Starting with the introduction of Chamberlain, Dombrowski hinted the Coke machine sized reliever has been on their radar for some time, and at his role in 2014.

For his part, Chamberlain is saying all the right things.

And he's buddies with Phil Coke!

Though he'd rather not talk about past issues which led to his departure from the Yankees.

The Tigers feel they can rebuild him, they have the technology.

In essentially replacing Jose Veras with Chamberlain, Domborwski all but confirmed the team had soured on Veras.

Having once again put all his balls in the Bruce Rondon bucket, Dombrowski claims all reports are positive in regard to the health the big right-hander's elbow.

When asked about the re-imagined roster, now missing a good deal of the offense which carried the team over the past few seasons, Dombrowski admitted the Tigers will be 'different.'

But he insists scoring runs will not be an issue.

New manager Brad Ausmus added his team will be more aggressive on the base paths in the coming season.

Fans of playing baseball the right way (if you happen to believe small ball and manufacturing runs is the 'right way') will love what Ausmus said next.

As for the Tigers' 25-man roster? Dombrowski claims he's finished making personnel moves.


But ... there's always a 'but' with David Dombrowski.

So there you have it. With the signing of Chamberlain, the Tigers are done massaging their roster ... unless they aren't.