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Top Tigers countdown: who is the best Tigers player of all-time?

Introducing the countdown of the best [insert number here] Tigers of all-time, starting with #1!

He's the only one in the poll we have a picture of.
He's the only one in the poll we have a picture of.
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this should be fun.

Since the offseason has skidded to an almost immediate halt, we here at BYB don't have much to do right now. Sure, Al will write about every trade rumor that hits the Twittersphere and Patrick will pen 10,000 words about the next 20,000 steps of the arbitration process, but that discussion gets old quickly.

Instead, we are undertaking a new project for the rest of the offseason. We are going to profile the top 50-100 Tigers players of all-time, one by one. Sure, we could start at #50 or #100 -- we haven't really decided on a set number yet (how about 68 or 84?) -- but then the decision is entirely up to the BYB staff... and by that I mean those who have been around for a little while.

In previous offseasons, other blogs have done fan-driven countdowns -- or count-ups, in this case -- of various nature where poll results drive the posts that follow. It's more interactive, it facilitates discussion, and it gives Kurt one less decision to make every morning (giving him more time to decide whether pants are necessary for the day). And since the vote for #1 is probably going to be fairly anti-climactic, it gives us a nice little dry run into how the rest of the countdown is going to work.

The premise is simple: today, choose who you think is the best player in Tigers' history. I'm not going to give any introductions because I don't want to sway your opinion one way or another. The poll options are listed alphabetically.

And this is the beauty of it. There is (pretty much) no wrong answer. Want to pick someone based entirely on stats? Go ahead! Think another player deserves the honor because of the era he played in? Fire away! The poll is your voice, and the comments are your arena. When Tiger #1 is profiled, a new poll will be posted and more names will be added, and so on.

Have at it, BYB! Who's the best Tiger of all-time?

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