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Happy Holidays from Kurt

Happy Chrtistmas and Merry Birthday and New Years joy and all that from your favorite editor at Bless You Boys. I present to you a mad lib and awful MS Paint.

MS Paint puke Kurt ugh why

Twitter is weird. It starts weird conversations. And those weird conversations sometimes result an attempt to write a Mad Libs style post before you've had your first cup of coffee in the morning and the feeling that you owe the world an MS Paint drawing. Thanks, Internet.

So: Pick a word that fits each of the requirements. If you forget what these terms mean, you probably went to a school with language arts rather than actual grammar classes. Sorry. You gotta learn to use the brush before you can paint. Anyway, as for the rest of you, fill in the blanks. Or if you want to cheat, check out the first comment on this article for the story. But what fun would that be, right? (Sorry if you're on mobile.)

1. period of time

2. action verb

3. verb

4. comparative adjective

5. comparative adjective

6. adjective

7. transitive verb

8. adjective

9. comparative adjective

10. comparative adjective

11. pronoun

12. Tigers player

13. period of time