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Best of 2013 at Bless You Boys

Let's vote, shall we?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We've only a handful of days remaining in 2013, so naturally it's a time to look back at the year that has come before us. Of course, we've already spent a fair amount of time exploring some of the 2013 Tigers season -- why don't you look at some of those right now? But we haven't looked inward much, have we?

So starting with this post, I'm going to introduce a few fun things we can vote on. I'll bring some of our favorite posts back to the front page to look at again (and re-open the comments!) based on some of your comments, and I'll try to add up some results on Sunday for a recap Monday.

Here's the list of topics, some that have to do with BYB, some that have to do with SB Nation, which has done a great job continuing to grow its national baseball coverage in 2013. (So make sure you're visiting the Box ScoreMLB Daily DishMinor League Ball and Baseball Nation, too). Note: Please provide a link if you can!

Bless You Boys:

Best recap --
Best analysis --
Best feature/post --
Most entertaining post --
Most educational post of the year --
Best GIF (browse our handy GIF section!) -- 
Best commenter --
Best comment --
Best threads -- 
Best FanPost --
Best debate --

SB Nation MLB league-wide topics

Favorite article of the year --
Favorite not-your-team blog --
Favorite twitter follow --
Funniest blogger --