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Thank you, Bless You Boys readers

We asked you your favorite BYB things of 2013, and you told us -- (almost) everything!

Ronald Martinez

The good news is, I don't have to add up any results from our Best of BYB Poll. The bad news is, I don't get to bestow any awards. What do you like about Bless You Boys? Seemingly everything! And what do we like? You! So that's who I'm awarding the mythical Best of BYB trophy to. You. Oh, stop blushing.

You would not be surprised to hear 2013 was the best year yet for Bless You Boys. A big thank you to each and every person who visits the site. This blog has been around since 2005, and a lot of credit should go to my predecessor, Ian Casselberry, for lifting it from the ashes to a must-read Tigers site. Many of our most loyal readers and several of our writers first arrived here under his watch -- not mine. In the years since, we've doubled our audience then doubled it again, and on our best days we can even double, triple or more that.

That's a credit to you as much as it is to us. Without everyone reading Bless You Boys, telling others about it, and sharing content on Twitter or Facebook, we wouldn't be able to grow like we do. Without your readership, our writing would be like scrawling crazed notes on a paper airplane and throwing it into the wind. Without your interaction in the comments, our ideas wouldn't be nearly as developed as they appear to be. The back and forth discussion helps flesh out ideas and provide new angles to investigate.

I think I can speak for all of our writers when I say it's almost surreal when we think about just how many people are out there, looking to us for our thoughts on the team. We'll do our best to make sure 2014 can again be our best year yet, so we hope you'll keep coming back whenever you get a chance to read what we say.

And I personally want to thank everyone who contributes to the site: Melissa makes my job easier by finding all the great links to read; Phil Coke's Brain and HookSlide make me laugh; Rob, Patrick, Jon and John make me think; Jordan makes sure we know who the minor-league players to watch are; Allison makes the game threads so I don't have to; Dee, Les and Dave (the number guy) make sure our comment section doesn't turn into Godwin's Law; and Al just makes me tired 3000 words into reading a 6000-word recap. You guys will never know just how much work each of these people put in. I'm truly awed by it.

We've also got great support from everyone behind the scenes at SB Nation, from Eric and Justin, our league managers, to many people in support and operations whose names we never hear who make sure the site looks great and runs great, and can fix any problems quickly when they arise.

And of course, we have to give a thank you to the Tigers, too. Without the franchise being so fun to watch, with so many personalities and so much success on a yearly basis, and without a general manager who enjoys mixing things up with such regularity that we constantly have many, many, many stories to write, none of us would be here. Thanks Tigers. Go win it all in 2014.

So, a big thank you to everyone. Without the contributions of thousands, we wouldn't be the site that we are. We'll never take that for granted.