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Press conference notes: Miguel Cabrera to first base, Nick Castellanos moving back to third

During the introductory press conference for Joe Nathan, Dave Dombrowski was asked about far more than just his new closer.


Detroit Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski addressed far more issues than the Joe Nathan signing during an introductory press conference. He answered questions in regard to position changes, contract extensions, payroll, free agency, the bullpen, left field and the negative reaction to the Doug Fister trade.

Dombrowski was asked how the Prince Fielder trade affects the future of Miguel Cabrera and Nick Castellanos. He confirmed what all believed would happen. Cabrera will move back to first base, keeping him healthy being a major reason why. Cabrera's sliding across the infield also ends the Nick Castellanos to the outfield experiment. The team's prize prospect will be a third baseman from here on out.

As to the Doug Fister deal, Dombrowski got chippy when asked about the return, making a veiled reference to ESPN's Keith Law quoting unnamed GM's claiming they weren't contacted.

This is the Law quote in question, from his ESPN Insider blog,

I’ve spoken to numerous team executives who were shocked at the return for Fister and wish they had been given the opportunity to offer more or to try to assemble a multi-team deal that would give the Tigers the specific pieces they wanted. One contending team’s GM, known to be looking for another starter, told me he hadn’t talked to the Tigers about Fister in weeks. Another exec with a contender indicated something similar. "

When it comes to the bullpen, Dombrowski is betting heavily on Bruce Rondon for a second straight off season.

Dombrowski was asked if clearing salary was aimed toward contract extensions for Max Scherzer and Cabrera.

Keeping in mind he'll never, ever confirm what he has planned, Dombrowski downplayed any thoughts the Tigers would make another major free agent signing.

He did add a caveat...

What about left field? Andy Dirks did not get a ringing endorsement.

Donbrowski was also asked if the Tigers are now in a better position to win in 2014.

Not to be left out, Joe Nathan brought up a very sensitive topic.

We'll end with Dombrowski on the upcoming winter meetings.