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Casey Crosby will be moved to the bullpen

Once a top pitching prospect, Casey Crosby's career has been derailed by injury. The Tigers hope to get him back on track with a move to the bullpen.

Gregory Shamus

Currently attending MLB's Winter Meetings, Detroit Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowskl took part in a media session late Monday afternoon. The Tigers' only move of the meetings so far turns out to be an internal one. A former starting pitching prospect is being moved to the bullpen.

Once considered one of the organization's top prospects, Casey Crosby has long battled injuries at the minor league level, including missing all of 2007 to Tommy John surgery and sitting out all but three games in 2010 suffering from elbow issues.

Called up for a cup of coffee in June 2012 to replace an injured Doug Fister, Crosby's introduction to the big leagues didn't go well. In three starts over 12 1/3 innings, Crosby's ERA was a sky high 9.49, winning just one of his three starts.

Working out of Triple-A Toledo's rotation in 2013, Crosby was 2-5 with a 4.84 ERA. He hasn't had a season ERA lower than 4.10 since his 2009 breakout season as a prospect, when Crosby was 10-4 with a 2.41 ERA for Single-A West Michigan.

Still relatively young at 25, Crosby may be better suited to work out of the bullpen at this point of his career.

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