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Tigers not focusing on top free agents at Winter Meetings

GM Dave Dombrowski continued to insist the Tigers are not going to make any flashy free agent moves during a media session late Monday afternoon. Dombrowski did address other issues, such as the bullpen and left field.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

When Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski met with the media late Monday afternoon at MLB's Winter Meetings on Orlando, he made sure to open by insisting, as he did during the introductory presser for Joe Nathan, he did not have anything huge brewing.

That means no Shin-Soo Choo.

At least that is what Dombrowski would have you believe, as rumors continue to run rampant claiming Detroit is a possible landing spot for the 31-year-old outfielder. We'll soon find out if the Tigers are still a player in the Choo sweepstakes; Ken Rosenthal reporting the Texas Rangers and at least one other club are looking to sign the last remaining big-name free agent this week.

Be it Choo or another player not yet reported to be on the Tigers' radar, they are almost certainly in the market to upgrade the left field position.

But keep in mind, Andy Dirks is rehabbing a long-injured knee and will be in the outfield mix.

But what about the bullpen? The Tigers have to be looking for arms, right? Turns out the Tigers aren't enthused by the relievers available in the free agent market.

Which helps explain the move of Casey Crosby from starter to reliever, something which was long overdue. Of course, as is his wont, Dombrowski talked up other system pitchers.

As for the rotation, Jose Alvarez remains the number six starting pitcher in the Tigers' organization. But don't count out Dombrowski's prize prospect from the Doug Fister trade, Robbie Ray.

New first base/base running/infield coach Omar Vizquel has his first marching orders. To no one's surprise, they involve working to improve third baseman Nick Castellanos' defense.

Dombrowski was happy to discuss good news about the recovery of his meal ticket, Miguel Cabrera, from off-season surgery.

Just as he did during the press conference introducing Joe Nathan, Dombrowski made sure to point out Cabrera backs the move to first base 100%.

This quote from Dombrowski sums up how tight lipped he is when it comes to possible personnel moves.

Textbook GM-speak for "I'm not telling you any-damn-thing."

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