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Big Leagues Magazine's Season Preview issue is now on sale

While we weren't able to put together a Tigers preview magazine for this season, BYB helped contribute to the season preview issue of Big Leagues Magazine.

For those unfamiliar with Big Leagues Magazine -- don't feel bad, I was in your shoes a few months ago -- it is a monthly publication that covers a plethora of stories around Major League Baseball. I'd list some of the general topics, but it's much easier to copy and paste from their website.

Big Leagues Magazine is an online publication that provides readers with comprehensive coverage of Major League Baseball. Our feature columns include prospect analysis, the corporate side of baseball, monthly interviews, an in-depth look at the history of MLB, the latest trade rumors and fantasy baseball coverage that focuses on both Mixed League and AL/NL Only formats.

Editor-in-chief Jim Pratt got ambitious this offseason, however, enlisting the help of writers from every team in order to compile a gigantic season preview issue. This is where we come in. BYB was targeted for the Tigers coverage, and I stepped up to the plate (/rimshot), delivering the season preview content for our team.

In the preview issue, rosters are broken down and analyzed, fantasy superstars and sleepers are identified, and the top ten prospects for every organization are ranked and profiled. There are plenty of other feature stories as well, including an excellent introductory interview with Grantland scribe and New York Times best-selling author Jonah Keri.

So, to keep this plug from getting too long-winded, the preview issue is on sale now for just $4.95 through the magazine website. Featuring over 140 pages of content from the people who know their teams better than their significant others, it is truly a deal that can't be beat. The only downside to this offer -- aside from reading my rambling drivel -- is that the magazine is exclusively an electronic publication. However, it will be available soon through Amazon Kindle, Nook, and iTunes.