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Detroit Tigers Links: Jhonny Peralta 'feels lighter' & Brayan Pena is 'thankful to America'

Brayan Pena is happy to be in America and with the Tigers, Jhonny Peralta feels lighter and is ready to go, and the Cleveland Indians have gotten better. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Jonathan Daniel

Detroit Tigers' Brayan Pena: 'America has been bigger than baseball to me and my family'
MLive, Chris Iott
If you haven't heard this incredible story about the Tigers' newest backup catcher, you need to read this. It's truly amazing.

Peralta talks weight, declines comment on Bosch report
Beck's Blog, Jason Beck

"I feel quicker," Peralta said. "I feel lighter. Taking ground balls today in the field, I feel I’ve got a better move side to side."

Tigers, City of Lakeland plan $50M makeover to team's Florida home
The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
If it wasn't clear enough from the article that the left field grass seating won't be changed, then let this serve as yet another reminder.

Cleveland Indians Now Biggest Threat to Detroit Tigers in AL Central
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder
I'm still not sure that the Indians have the pitching to compete in this division, but they have definitely improved since last year.

Rays pitcher Joel Peralta pulls off rare sandwich/Camaro injury combo
Big League Stew, Mike Oz
While it's not as funny as if he were actually eating the sandwich, Peralta's injury did remind me of this commercial.

Off Season Redo Before Spring Training Starts
Royals Review, Jeff Zimmerman
This is a pretty interesting concept (make sure to read the comments!), but it's easy to improve the Royals' offseason by simply not trading Wil Myers.

Francona Shifts the Defense to Make Room for Bourn
Let's Go Tribe
If nothing else, the Indians will have three excellent defensive outfielders in 2013.

A defining year awaits Roy Halladay
ESPN, Jayson Stark

"No matter how early he rolls into the ballpark parking lot, no matter how methodically he’s worked with the Philadelphia Phillies’ medical and training staff to redesign his delivery, his workout program and his throwing program, he has no idea what’s ahead."

Angling for Trout
The Hardball Times, Shane Tourtellotte
I could have said that Trout won't be as good in 2013 as he was last year in about 2,000 fewer words, but the graph is absolutely priceless.