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Detroit Tigers Links: Rick Porcello to start Spring Training opener & Avisail Garcia won't be a platoon player

Rick Porcello will start Friday against the Atlanta Braves, Jim Leyland says that Avisail Garcia won't just be a part-time player, and Jhonny Peralta is in the best shape of his life. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.


Rick Porcello, Anibal Sanchez, Justin Verlander to start first three spring games
The Detroit News, Tom Gage
Order: Porcello on Friday, Sanchez on Saturday, Verlander on Sunday.

Tigers won't keep Avisail Garcia around just to pinch-hit
Detroit Free Press, John Lowe

"We don’t want to sit Garcia or Castellanos around and hardly ever play. But we’ll see how it plays out."

Detroit Tigers' Jim Leyland: Lighter Jhonny Peralta 'gliding and flowing better' defensively
MLive, Chris Iott

"I can tell you firsthand that he's moving better," Leyland said. "Now, how that's going to play out, I don't know. But he's moving better. You can see him flowing if you watch. You can see him just kind of gliding and flowing better already, without question."

Putting Ballpark Effects into WAR
Tiger Tales, Lee Panas
Long story short: it's harder to create runs in pitcher's parks.

The State of the Game--Part I--Playoff Expansion
Motor City Bengals, Matt Pelc

"With no good solution, leaving the format alone would have been preferable. Alas, that ship has sailed and the new format is here to stay–especially with the tremendous ratings the wildcard games garnered in 2012."

The Twins 2013 Starting Rotation: A Field Guide
Twinkie Town, Jon Marthaler
I may or may not do a run-down of all of the Tigers' opponents this season, depending on how bored I get over the next few weeks. In case I don't, this will be very helpful.

Why the Yankees confuse the absolute heck out of us
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
Basically, Brisbee asserts that every Major League lineup has question marks heading into the season and that nobody trots out nine All-Stars every game. MLive commenters would vehemently disagree.

Mariners prospect Nick Franklin eats 6,500 calories per day in quest to reach 200 pounds
Big League Stew, Mike Oz
Sounds like my diet in college, minus the whole "exercise" thing.

The White Sox and Beating Projections
FanGraphs Baseball, Dave Cameron
It's amazing what staying healthy and great pitching can do for a franchise. Take a hint, 2013 Tigers.

Jose Canseco explains gravity
SBNation, Kurt Mensching
This is what Kurt does when he is not with us. Also, WTF, Jose Canseco.