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Detroit Tigers Links: Andy Dirks could be an everyday player & Delmon Young's 'sprained left fat'

Jim Leyland says Andy Dirks could be an everyday player, Jose Valverde will pitch in the World Baseball Classic, and the biggest question surrounding Delmon Young in Philadelphia. These stories and the "sprained left fat" in today's Morning Prowl.


New Tigers No. 2 hitter Torii Hunter is not a bunter
The Detroit News, Tom Gage

To be fair, I'm not familiar with any of the Tigers being "bunters." And by that I mean they are all terrible at it.

Jim Leyland: Tigers' Andy Dirks can be everyday player, but 'you have to watch him'
Detroit Free Press, John Lowe

If nothing else, I'm good with using Dirks for his sliding into second-baseman abilities only.

Detroit Tigers Land Three Players on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect list
Motor City Bengals, Matt Snyder

What's funny is that Rondon is probably the one most likely to make the opening day roster.

The Empty Cupboard

"Jim Leyland chew toy" in reference to Don Kelly might be my new favorite phrase. Thanks, Rogo.

Jose Valverde is going to pitch in the World Baseball Classic
HardballTalk, Craig Calcaterra


A Detroit Tigers Blog: What is the Best Tigers Line-up?
Tiger Tales, Lee Panas

It's still weird -- but totally awesome -- seeing Torii Hunter's name in projected line-ups. Baseball, I implore you to hurry up and get here!

To Boo or Not to Boo? That is the Question About Delmon Young.
The Good Phight

Read this or don't read this, I don't much care. What I do care about is that attention is paid to the single greatest comment in Internet history. Ahem: "Another way of saying it is I’ll cheer when Delmon makes an awkward diving catch, and I’ll applaud 3 minutes later when he finally gets up and walks off the field with a sprained left fat." Sprained left fat wins everything. (Shout out to my brother for finding this)

Dallas-Fort Worth and true baseball towns
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee

Every time I meet a woman from Texas, I just assume that she's like the Frances McDormand character in Lone Star.

I've never watched Lone Star, and I still thought that comment was perfect.

The Mets' Outfield Could Be the Worst Unit in Professional Sports, and Maybe All of Life
The Triangle Blog, Sean Fennessey

This headline was too hilarious to pass up.

The Oakland A’s are the early winners of photo day
Big League Stew, Mike Oz

The only thing this does is reaffirm my dislike for Josh Reddick. Why is he the worst ever?