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The 2013 BYB Meet-Up: Ticket payment info

Want to come to our yearly meet-up? Get the details here.

Dave Reginek

Hey everyone. We've got our seats for the meet-up reserved and I am ready to take your payments for the game Saturday, August 3rd.

We are back in the same section as last year, section 143, rows 37-38 (seating chart here). Demand was very high again this year - I guess a trip to the World Series will do that for a team - so I have only 40 seats reserved. As you may already know, prices have gone up a bit, they are $43 each.

If you're planning to attend, please read on for payment options and count yourself in by answering "yes" to the poll. If you are bringing a guest (or guests) please comment and say how many. I put up my own money for the ticket deposit, so if you are able to pay promptly, it's greatly appreciated.

The preferred and easiest way to keep track of your payments is if you send $43 per ticket to me via PayPal. I will not steal your money (promise, I've taken over $5000 in payments over the years!), and it really is a LOT easier for us to manage this if you pay online. You can do this by logging into your PayPal account and clicking "Send Money" to my email address: amh1980 at Please be sure to do two things when you send your payment:

1. Mark it as a "gift" to avoid extra fees being taken out of the transaction. If you don't, that means I lose a buck or two per transaction on my end, and you will get the side-eye upon meeting me. This option is located under the "personal" tab after you click "Send Money".

2. Put your BYB username - even if you are sure I'll know who you are - as well as your guest's name if you're bringing one somewhere in the notes so I can keep track of who sent what payment.

Cath (known as Baroque on here) will be helping me organize this year. If you would like to pay by check or money order, I will be referring you to her to arrange payment. Email me at the address above for further information.

We have 40 seats reserved, and while it could be possible if I request them soon, I am not counting on being able to get more tickets with the group. I know August seems like a long time from now, but try to decide if you are coming soon before we run out! I hope to see lots of you there, and I will post updates/reminders in a month or so. We're trying to have all tickets accounted for by July 3rd. I will post a reminder in a month or so and we'll plan our pre-gaming stuff - probably Hockeytown again, which anyone and everyone, group ticket or no, is welcome to come to. Thanks!