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Detroit Tigers Links: Dave Dombrowski praises Jhonny Peralta, and more PEDs in baseball

Dave Dombrowski likes that the Tigers have Jhonny Peralta, Justin Verlander is playing golf this week, and a take on PEDs that I actually agree with. These stories and more in today's Morning Prowl.

Ed Zurga

Todd Helton's arrest and Ryan Braun's involvement with Biogenesis: Not even remotely related
Baseball Nation, Grant Brisbee
This is the only article on PEDs that you should be reading for the rest of eternity. So much so that it's not even Tigers-related and is still at the top of the post.

After offseason of trade rumors, Tigers GM raves about Jhonny Peralta
The Detroit News, Tony Paul

"Jhonny does a real solid job for us. We like him. Two outs in the ninth inning, 3-2 lead, man on third base, there's not anybody in the league you'd prefer the ball hit to at shortstop than Jhonny Peralta."

Tigers prospect Cesar Carrillo reportedly linked to PEDs
Detroit Free Press
Make of this what you will. I'm not going to get worried about any of this PED stuff until we see some actual evidence.

Tigers ace Justin Verlander set to hit the links at Pebble Beach, Jason Beck

"Put Verlander in a four-man group with teammates and he can do much more than hold his own. He's regarded as one of the best golfers on the team, though he claims to have never taken an actual lesson."

Ranking MLB's six divisions -- AL East still on top
ESPN, Jayson Stark
While it's not surprising to see the AL Central ranked dead last on this list, there is no shortage of praise heaped onto the Tigers' chances in 2013.

Picking a Favorite
Tigers in Words
For those who have been reading BYB for a while now, you will recognize that a familiar name has returned to the Tigers blogosphere.

Giancarlo Stanton, The Loneliest Slugger
FanGraphs, Eno Sarris

"With the numbers we have here, Giancarlo Stanton is going to hit exactly one-third of the Marlins’ home runs next season."

Jeb Bush tried to buy the Marlins, but Jeffrey Loria turned him down
HardballTalk, Aaron Gleeman
Cast your political beliefs aside here. This would have been good for baseball as a whole, not just the Marlins.